Legendary hockey announcer signs off for what may be the last time

Published May 13, 2023 at 2:26 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost to the Florida Panthers last night in game 5 of the conference final, bringing their season to an abrupt end. With lots of changes around the corner now that the season is over, it also could mark the end of a legendary broadcasting career.

As the Leafs were going through the handshake line last night, legendary Leafs announcer Joe Bowen shares heartfelt message as his future as a broadcaster is unknown:

"If this is the end of the line, been a helluva run for us."

Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph bid farewell for perhaps the last time ever.

Bowen has been the voice of the Leafs since 1982 and without a contract for next year, he may not be back next season. If this is the end, Leaf fans have more to be sad about after the loss in game 5 last night.

Although it is clear the 72 year old wants to continue to work, at this point in his career, Rogers media might choose to go in a different direction for various reasons.

If this is the end for Bowen, he'll leave the broadcast booth as one of the most recognizable play-by-play voices in hockey, with his signature catchphrase, Holy Mackinaw endearing him him to most around the hockey world
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Legendary hockey announcer signs off for what may be the last time

Should Bowen continue to do Leaf games next season?

Yes14863.8 %
No5021.6 %
It shouldn't even be a question3414.7 %
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