Ottawa Senators fans let Matt Murray know what they really think about him during 'welcome back tribute'

Published March 18, 2023 at 8:08 PM

Since a struggling Matt Murray was traded from the Senators to the regional rival Maple Leafs, Senators' fans have been eager to give the goaltender a not-so-warm welcome in his eventual return to Ottawa.

With tonight being Murray's first start against the Senators as a Maple Leaf, Senators' fans made sure he heard their boos.

As Senators' fans booed, the sizeable Leafs contingent roared back with cheers of support of their own for Murray. With the Leafs as one of the league's elite teams and Ottawa just a step away from becoming competitive, this could once again become one of the best rivalries in the NHL.

Murray signed with the Senators in 2020 after being acquired from the Penguins, hoping to be a reliable starting goaltender, but poor play and injuries led him to being traded to Leafs, with salary retained. Back with his hometown Leafs, Murray has gone 12-7 with a .903 save percentage, good enough to be the Leafs backup. On the other hand, the Senators have almost dismantled their own goaltending depth in trading Murray and Filip Gustavsson, and have had poor luck with injuries.
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