President Joe Biden gets a standing ovation after taking a shot at Canadian hockey team

Published March 24, 2023 at 3:43 PM

With United States President Joe Biden in Ottawa this weekend meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister, we saw the usual jokes and jabs between geopolitical allies and friends. As always, the US President decided to throw a friendly chirp towards Canada's Toronto Maple Leafs.

Biden joked for his distaste for the Leafs, after the team had beat his hometown Flyers earlier this season.

The two leaders of the countries involved in the NHL making hockey jokes back and forth has become somewhat of a tradition after President Obama made a couple hockey-related jokes towards Justin Trudeau, starting with ‘there are some things we'll just never agree on who's better at hockey?'

To see the playful nature of the game extend to the highest levels of power in society is a uniquely candid moment for the two world leaders.
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