Report - Sheldon Keefe to be fired by Toronto Maple Leafs

Published May 18, 2023 at 11:38

When the Toronto Maple Leafs failed to make it out of the second round, after a disappointing performance, it was clear that someone's head was on the chopping block. The organization was unwilling to accept mediocrity any longer and set forth on a path that would alter the course of the team. While, it is expected Let a member of the team's core 4 will be moved this summer. It also appears the team is nearing a coaching change.

Earlier today a source close to MLSE provided the following information:

Can't reveal how I know this, because I have to protect the source, but it looks like Sheldon Keefe may be done in Toronto.

Information has both been confirmed and vetted by At this time there is no update on the status of Kyle Dubas, but it appears at the very least the Leafs will need a new coach for next season.
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Report - Sheldon Keefe to be fired by Toronto Maple Leafs

Who is most at fault for the Leafs failures?

Sheldon Keefe00 %
Kyle Dubas00 %
Brendan Shanahan00 %
All equally00 %
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