Sheldon Keefe has had enough and calls out a member of the Maple Leafs 'Core 4'

Published March 21, 2023 at 10:29

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been one of the best teams in the NHL this season. The Leafs currently sit 4th overall in the NHL standings, but that hasn't stopped Head Coach, Sheldon Keefe, from trying to get more out of his group. That's exactly what the fiery coach decided to do Monday afternoon.

Despite the team's recent record of 4-1-1, in their last 6 games, the Maple Leafs have been outplayed for large stretches of those games. During an interview Keefe opted to call out William Nylander for his recent play.

There's a lot more perimeter, a lot more getting rid of the puck. I want him to hang on to it. I want him to challenge. I want him to be on the attack. I want to see lots of pace. That's when he's at his best.

Playing him more with guys who are going to skate and move their feet, so that he can be the guy that really drives things. That's really the idea.

Calling out Nylander has become a yearly trend for the Maple Leafs. Nylander has openly stated that at times he requires his coach to hold him accountable because he can become disinterested at times. Hopefully for Keefe he continues to push the right buttons, because if not a 7th consecutive 1st round loss for the Maple Leafs could mark the end of Keefe's tenure, the Core 4 or Kyle Dubas' time in Toronto.
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Sheldon Keefe has had enough and calls out a member of the Maple Leafs 'Core 4'

Will the Toronto Maple Leafs break their first round curse this year?

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