Team including Top Prospect Donates Tournament Winnings to Family of Rodion Amirov

Published August 16, 2023 at 6:18 PM

Heartwarming gestures towards the family of Rodion Amirov have poured in from all over the globe since the young prospect's death. Amirov passed away earlier this week following a two-year battle with a cancerous tumour in his brain. Now, a team that includes a very recognizable name from the NHL's most recent draft have taken a big step towards ensuring his family doesn't have to worry about financial challenges for a while.

The KHL has started an annual 3-on-3 tournament during the preseason, with several teams participating. The winning team in 2023 was SKA St. Petersburg, which included recent high draft pick Matvei Michkov.

"The news of our comrade Rodion Amirov's untimely passing shook everyone on our team - coaches, players, staff - to the core. As you remember, last week SKA won the Sochi XHL tournament and won a million rubles. Today we collectively decided to transfer this money to Rodion Amirov's family.
Our friend Rodion, we will never forget you!" - SKA St. Petersburg Coach Roman Rotenberg on Telegram

Russia's currency has taken a massive beating on the world market for a few months, with a complete crash last weekend. In US Dollars at the time of writing, 1 million Russian Rubles is worth around $10,500.

Amirov's agent recently revealed the horrors Amirov went through with his illness, including losing his sight and his ability to walk. His agent also mentioned several amazing gestures from the hockey community in many countries, including the KHL's Ufa Salavat Yulayev, which signed Amirov to a contract for next season knowing full well he'd never play hockey again.

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Team including Top Prospect Donates Tournament Winnings to Family of Rodion Amirov

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