William Nylander shares nickname for new teammate and it's going to upset Boston Bruins fans

Published April 1, 2023 at 10:04 PM

At the trade deadline Kyle Dubas acquired forward Radim Zohorna from the Calgary Flames in exchange for Dryden Hunt. Tonight Zohorna made his Maple Leafs debut and scored his first goal for the team.

After the game when speaking about his teammates performance, William Nylander shared his new teammates nickname.

William Nylander says he's calling Zohorna «Big Z».

Also. Big Z got the belt tonight.

While the 6'6 Zohorna is definitely a big man, it likely won't go over well that the big man is going by the nickname of one of the great Boston Bruins defensemen of all time, Zdeno Chara.

It's far to say hockey players aren't the most original when it comes to nicknames, but Nylander has committed a pretty egregious nickname theft.
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