Quinn Hughes is told to go to the penalty box by the referee
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Hot mic captures hilarious referee interaction while calling a penalty

Published March 14, 2024 at 10:47 PM

The National Hockey League allowed referees to become more engaged with fans by placing a mic on them up some years ago during games, and with that, there have been quite a few moments where the mic has caught some untimely yet hilarious moments.

This came to light again recently when the Colorado Avalanche visited the Vancouver Canucks and Canucks young defensive phenom, Quinn Hughes, was sent to the box. As the referee was assessing the penalty, Hughes tried to intervene, which is when the official politely directed him; have a look:

As emphasized, these moments are happening more frequently, but are still hilarious for the spectator to experience. It gives a different angle to the game to focus on besides the game itself. It also shows that the officials have a personality, which some fans love and others hate.

Whether it's liked or not, the game continues to evolve and the name of the game is trying to keep the fans' interest. If this is a way, the National Hockey League and their stakeholders have determined it could make it more interesting. Who are we to judge?
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Hot mic captures hilarious referee interaction while calling a penalty

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