Buddy Robinson takes on a player in the KHL
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Former NHLer Goes on Rampage Sucker Punching One Opponent and Then Fighting Another

Published March 2, 2024 at 5:41 PM

I don't see any other way for this to without a long suspension being involved. A former NHLer was involved in a crazy sequence of events in the KHL today and will likely be punished for his rampage.

Charles Robinson, who goes by Buddy, is an American playing for Chelyabinsk Traktor of the KHL. Traktor opened its first round playoff series against Salavat Yulaev today, and things were heated from the very beginning.

Near the end of the game, and with the tensions reaching a fever pitch, a scrum broke out near one of the nets. Robinson, who is six-foot-six, 232 lbs., was pushing and shoving with other players when he broke away and started trying to goad Salavat Yulaev captain Grigori Panin into a fight. As Panin approached, Robinson punched him hard in the face before Panin even had time to get his gloves off. I'm unsure if Panin was out, but he dropped to the ice immediately. Robinson then joined another scrum, grabbed a player and started fighting. At one point, you can see him push the referee's arm away as he tries to step in. That fight ended with both players going to the ice. Robinson looked like a man possessed.

Robinson was booted from the game for his actions, and all that's left is for the length of his suspension to be announced. The 32-year-old played a total of 62 games in the NHL with the Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames, Anaheim Ducks, and Chicago Blackhawks

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Former NHLer Goes on Rampage Sucker Punching One Opponent and Then Fighting Another

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