Wilson and Hathaway
Photo credit: NHL

Former teammates drop gloves during TV timeout

Published March 1, 2024 at 9:56 PM

When the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals play one and other it's usual an entertaining game. The two teams are longstanding rivals who are usually not afraid to drop the gloves against each other. Tonight though, something out of the ordinary happened.

During a TV timeout, former teammates Tom Wilson and Garnet Hathaway began jostling back and forth. This eventually led to the two players slashing back and forth before dropping the gloves. Players dropping the gloves during a stoppage in play is extremely rare in today's NHL.

Former teammates Tom Wilson and Garnet Hathaway go AT IT during a stoppage in play

Both players recieved double minors for roughing. The Capitals went onto win the game 5-2, which made the playoff race in the Eastern Conference even tighter.
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