A line brawl breaks out during the final of the Central Canada Cup
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Line brawl breaks out during Jr B. final

Published April 22, 2024 at 12:54

That's hockey, baby! Well, not really but many will argue that fighting is an integral part of the game as a whole and not only provides fans with a little more excitement but is a mechanism in which players use to stick up for each other, band together, push through a difficult moment in a game or spark their teammates, lighting a fire underneath them.

During a game at the Central Canada Cup, which showcases junior B teams from Northeastern Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, the Prairies & Alberta a line brawl broke out, which eventually featured both goaltenders to the chagrin of the officials. Have a look:

Sharing this type of content isn't necessarily an endorsement because it's known that even if the masses were entirely against it, it would still happen. The types of things that potentially cross the line are staged fighting or something of the like, but fighting is necessary so that incidents that are deemed dangerous become limited. That itself is the only way to remove or eliminate fisticuffs. The root cause is the problem, not the incident itself.

The game, which turned out to be the championship, ended with a 7-5 win for the St. Paul Canadiens over the Saskatoon Royals.
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Line brawl breaks out during Jr B. final

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