A Brandon Wheat Kings trainer swings sticks towards the glass
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Strange incident occurs during WHL brawl

Published March 18, 2024 at 6:22 PM

File the following under something you don't see every day watching junior hockey in Western Canada. A video has surfaced of the waining moments in a Western Hockey League game that featured the Swift Current Broncos and the visiting Brandon Wheat Kings.

In the video shown below, what appears to be a line brawl breaks out between the two opponents towards the end of the game, and although that's interesting, it's not the focal point that viewers should be focusing on.

As the video pans towards the Wheat Kings bench, observed is a fan either trying to climb the glass or likely just shaking it in an aggressive manner, and the team's athletic therapist trying to get him to stop while waving sticks aggressively towards them, ultimately breaking the fan's finger in the process.

If you've been in a hockey arena in the last thirty years, you are keenly aware that fans have developed a propensity to take things a little overboard at times, and although the athletic training was fully in the wrong here, fans must continue to learn to police themselves and their behaviors so as not to go overboard. There is no word as to whether the athletic trainer will face any supplemental discipline, but one thing can hopefully be guaranteed. The fan whose fingers were broken will likely never attempt to shake the glass, at least in this manner, ever again.
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Strange incident occurs during WHL brawl

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