Rempe and Deslauriers
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Two heavyweights drop the gloves for long, old school tilt

Published February 24, 2024 at 3:52 PM

The New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers; a rivalry and two top three teams in the Metro are going at it today. Both teams have their share of heavyweights, and two of them squared off just three minutes into the first period.

Rangers' forward Matthew Rempe and Flyers' forward Nicolas Deslauriers dropped the gloves early in the first. Deslauriers, known tough customer and Rempe, in his third game, but quickly becoming one of the well-known tough customers.

Deslauriers is 6 '1, 218 pounds and Rempe is 6'7, 247 pounds. Even though the size and weight difference, they fought for about 45 seconds until the refs came and broke them up. Both of them got their fair share of rights and the fight will go down as fight of the year when the season is all said and done.

Matthew Rempe, in particular, has had quite the week. In his first ever career shift, he fought Islanders' Matt Martin. Then, he was ejected for a check to the head in his second ever game on Devils' Nick Bastian. Now, he's dropping the gloves against Deslauriers.

It was an awesome fight, and it got both benches rolling.
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Two heavyweights drop the gloves for long, old school tilt

Who won the fight

Deslauriers7329.4 %
Rempe9939.9 %
It was a draw7630.6 %
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