Moose Jaws Jackson Unger and Regina's Kelton Pyne face off close to centre ice
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Wild brawl in the WHL ends with a goalie fight at centre ice- Jackson Unger Vs Kelton Pyne

Published March 24, 2024 at 4:14 PM

As long as hockey has existed, fighting has been part of the game in some fashion, and although a goalie fight is as rare as the Maple Leafs winning more than one round (not since 2002), it does happen, and when it does, it's usually awesome.

This such circumstance happened recently in the Western Hockey League as the Regina Pats visited the Moose Jaw Warriors at the Moose Jaw Events Centre during an absolute blowout, with the Warriors coming out on top. But it's not the score that had everyone's attention so much as the fight between both goalkeepers.

During the melee shown in the video, you can see Moose Jaws' Jackson Unger and Kelton Pyne of the Pats throwing bombs at each other like it's their last action on earth, which made for a rather entertaining tilt. Both goaltenders were assessed penalties for leaving the crease, fighting majors, and game misconducts for their efforts.

It should go without saying that if you are the goaltender on the wrong end of a blowout, you are probably feeling pretty disappointed, and who knows where your head would be at during that point in the third period, which could have played a role in the altercation. However, those who have been goaltenders before already know what kind of individual it takes to willingly try to stop rubber being shot at them. Whatever circumstances led up to this fracas, it certainly allowed for the fans to go home talking about something other than the game itself.
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Wild brawl in the WHL ends with a goalie fight at centre ice- Jackson Unger Vs Kelton Pyne

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