Mikhail Sergachev being stretchered off the ice
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Lightning's Mikhail Sergachev Releases Frustrated Update after Leaving Game on a Stretcher

Published February 8, 2024 at 7:54
Mikhail Sergachev of the Tampa Bay Lightning has released an update after leaving last night's game against the New York Rangers on a stretcher. Sergachev is very clearly frustrated with the way his season is going.

In an Instagram post, Sergachev expressed disbelief that this had happened to him in the midst of a season already cut short by injuries. Sergachev was playing in his first game for the Lightning since mid-December.

"Oh man, why me? Why now? After all the games missed, coming back and getting injured again, feels unfair, feels terrible. Trying to stay calm and positive, but it's impossible. After doing everything right I get this. The universe is unpredictable I guess, and has its own plans , but f--k the universe man, I know I'll come back stronger and I know I'll play better than before, but it's tough right now, and it's gonna be tough tomorrow. We all fight our own battles and this is mine. I'll win, always do. Pain meds are good tho, if I was in the forest by myself I'd be dead, crazy innit?! Wanted to write how I feel here, don't know why, but just wanted to let people that care about me know! I appreciate all of your messages. Thanks to the medical staff."

Sergachev was going into the corner to battle Alexis LaFreniere for the puck, but ended up getting a reverse hit from LaFreniere instead. Sergachev went down in an extremely awkward way, with his left leg getting caught underneath him. It's pretty obvious this is a terrible leg and/or ankle injury.

It will likely be a couple of days before we know just how much time Sergachev is going to miss. However, I would not expect him on the ice any time soon. A tough break for Sergachev, as well as the Tampa Bay Lightning.
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Lightning's Mikhail Sergachev Releases Frustrated Update after Leaving Game on a Stretcher

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