The Islanders and Rangers get into it during Stadium Series
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New York Rangers player leaves outdoor game in an ambulance

Published February 18, 2024 at 7:07 PM

The outdoor Stadium Series game between rivals the New York Rangers and New York Islanders heated up today, and caused defenceman Ryan Lindgren to leave by ambulance with some painful sounding injuries.

Early in the third period of the game, the Islanders scored a goal to take a two-goal lead. As you can see in the beginning of this video, just before the puck was put into the net, Lindgren went down in the corner. He stayed their for the rest of the play until getting off the ice with a towel to his face.

It seems Lindgren got a faceful of Romanov's stick while the two were in the corner. He left the game by ambulance after getting some preliminary care for his injuries.

"Just watched Ryan Lindgren get escorted on golf cart to an ambulance. He was able to walk on his own, face with many visible stitches, eyes completely swollen. #NYR."

As the game went on, things started to heat up, and Romanov became a target for the Rangers.

Despite being down 5-3 late in the third, the New York Rangers came back to win this one 6-5 in overtime.
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New York Rangers player leaves outdoor game in an ambulance

Should the goal have counted?

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