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Toronto insider reports what could really be keeping Matthews out

Published May 1, 2024 at 7:47

Auston Matthews was not in the lineup last night as the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Boston Bruins in game five of their first round playoff series making a little bit tighter with Boston still holding edge winning 3-2 In the series. There's been some wild speculation as why Matthew is out, it's between illness and an injury. No one really knows, one insider might have some information.

According to insider and former radio host, Howard Berger, Auston Matthews might very well be dealing with a concussion. Whether or not that's true, has not been confirmed by the team nor doctors, but it does make sense; take a look.

In his article, Berger suggests that he spoke to a doctor, and the doctor has said that a concussion could be a possibility given how the Toronto Maple Leafs are dealing with it. If it was the flu, it would likely be going through the entire team, whereas when you have a concussion over exertion can be very damaging given the severity. It does make sense that a concussion would be a possibility however given the secrecy of burger source I don't know how much you can trust him with that information.

In any case, The leafs game six and there is a possibility that Austin Matthews plays, given the fact that he hasn't been entered into the concussion protocol, which would keep him out of the lineup for a certain number of days.

I don't know if I trust Howard Berger, but given secrecy around it, all we left to do is speculate, media member included
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Toronto insider reports what could really be keeping Matthews out

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