Alex Ovechkin had to one-up Sidney Crosby on Sid's special night!

Published February 16, 2022 at 11:34

Last night we watched two of the greatest players to ever play the game make history.

Sidney Crosby playing in game 1077, scored his 500th goal, becoming the 46th player to ever hit goal #500!

Then we had Alexander Ovechkin setting an NHL record scoring his 30th & 31st goals of the season against the Nashville Predators, which made Ovechkin the 2nd player in NHL history to score 30+ goals in 16 seasons. The only player ahead of Ovechkin in this accomplishment is Mike Gartner who scored 30+ 17 times. But the NHL record being Ovechkin is the only player to have ever done it with one team.

While Crosby's accomplishment is incredible, his arch-rival accomplished this feat back in 2016 against the Ottawa Senators, becoming the 5th fastest player to ever reach the 500 goal mark (801 games) and the only players to do it faster were: Wayne Gretzky (575 games), Mario Lemieux (605), Mike Bossy (647) and Brett Hull (693).

Crosby and Ovechkin changed the game of hockey, they have been the driving force behind the league since they entered back in 2005 and while they are continuously compared, they are very different players and are both incredible in their own way. While one holds more individual awards and one holds more team awards, the game will be different when they both retire.

Both in their mid 30's we hope to see one or both get the chance to hoist the Stanley cup one more time.

Wouldn't it be incredible to see both of them retire and get put in the hall of fame at the same time as well?
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