Anna Kane accuses another NHLer of kidnapping

Published April 17, 2022 at 6:54 PM

Anna Kane has been all over the place when it comes to attacking her ex-husband Evander Kane. She has shown some very graphic imagery and some very convincing stories. But now it appears she has decided to take up the fight against another NHLer accused of illegal activities.

Anna decided that she'd like to bring forward the accusations against Ottawa Senators' Nikita Zaitsev. Anna shared the following comments on Instagram:

You let your rookie players get molested by trainers! And babies ripped out of their mothers arms?


With the comment she shared an alleged image of Zaitsev kidnapping his children from the arms of their mother. She then doubled down sharing the following information:


RUSSIAN @senators player takes daughters, the youngest BORN IN TORONTO!

The man in the lead, running away and holding onto a little girl is Ottawa @senators defenceman, Nikita Zaitsev. He, his father, seen in the video bringing up the rear and holding onto the other little girl, along with at least one other man, surrounded his former wife's @margo_ruby car while she was putting their daughters in the car and forcibly removed them from the vehicle.

The girls have not been seen since. On December 26, a Russian judge ordered the girls be returned to their mother.

ZAITSEV and @margo_ruby are divorced. Prior to marrying ZAITSEV, @margo_ruby signed a pre-nuptial agreement. She is asking for nothing but the safe and rightful return of her daughters.

My sweet friend, @primadonalounge, is a Russian-born Canadian who, while having no connection to the family, has taken this on and is trying, as a fellow mother, to get the girls reunited with their mother Elena speaks fluent Russian /reads Russian and has briefed me on the horrors of this case, as well as the history of the abductor's father. I won't get into it here, but should tell the men who took the children were aggressive. One held down @margo_ruby So ZAITSEV could get away and another was so physical with the nanny, he tore her ear.

While Elena has tagged media on her posts, no one has responded. I am posting and tagging in the hopes someone out there will tell the true story behind this abduction.

What if there was video of one of the Senators doing this on Canadian soil? We would be outraged. And what is the Senators' line of defence on this heartbreaking matter? They are staying out of it. Shame on them. And if the @senators ownership and management, as well as the @nhipa, as well as Mr. Bettman of the @nhl can provide justification for Mr. ZAITSEV removing his children from their mother in such a way and keeping them in hiding, despite a judge's ruling to hand them back over to their mothe ears.


It appears Kane has decided that she isn't getting the reaction she wanted from her own interactions. Now she is expanding to an entirely different narrative to try and draw attention to her case.

There has been no additional information or context provided to these stories at this time.
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Anna Kane accuses another NHLer of kidnapping

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