Announcer rips NHL Playoff format live on the air

Published December 18, 2022 at 8:29

The NHL is the only league in the world that plays an 82 game regular season, just to create a convoluted playoff structure. Teams play all season to make the playoffs, to see themselves matched up against a Divisional rival while other teams benefit from much easier matchups. It happens every year.

Teams should be rewarded for their play with a favourable matchup. But that's not what Gary Bettman and the NHL has decided was best. Because of this weaker divisions such as the Pacific find themselves with easier playoff matchups, due to the division being less talented.

During last night's Toronto Raptors game, announcer Jack Armstrong called out the NHL's model live on air.

Are we going to have the whole convoluted nonsensical NHL playoffs again. Where the Leafs have to play the Lightning for the umpteenth time. Why doesn't the NHL do the playoffs like every other sport? Why are they stuck in the 1950's? I don't understand at all. Rivalries this and all that nonsense. 1 seed plays the 8. 2 seed plays the 7. The 3 plays the 6...common sense.

Does Armstrong have a point or is he just an old man yelling at clouds at this point?
December 18   |   53 answers
Announcer rips NHL Playoff format live on the air

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