Another Major Junior hockey team is being investigated for past sexual assault allegations

C. Ritchie
August 12, 2022  (10:32)

This summer has been one disaster after another for Hockey Canada. First there was the revelation of the alleged sexual assaults against a woman that included members of the 2018 Canada World Junior team. Then more allegations against the 2003 Canada World Junior Team. Now a junior hockey team based out of the QMJHL is in trouble after their checkered past is being re-opened.

They held me "in the gang" so I didn't move. There were three of them at that time on me. I was afraid, I was crying

Quebec City Police have decided to perform and internal investigation into their handling of a 2014 sexual assault allegation brought forth by a woman against four Gatineau Olympiques players. The Olympiques are part of the Quebec Majour Junior Hockey League, which is overseen by the Canadian Hockey League along with Hockey Canada. The Woman alleged that Gatineau Olympiques players sexually assaulted her and called it an "initiation". She was under the assumptions that she was going to meet one of the players in a hotel room. When she arrived there were two more players in the room and all three of them allegedly assaulted the woman. Later a forth player allegedly assaulted her in a bathroom.
After the alleged assaults, and when the woman wanted to come forward with what had happened, she received harassing and threatening text messages and e-mails from players of the Olympiques. The alleged victim then tried to commit suicide. It was only after that her family convinced her to go to the police. When she went to the Quebec City Police she was told the investigation would be too costly and lengthy to move forward with and advised her to drop the case. The alleged victim was told by the police to "let go of the hockey world."
Hockey in Canada is now in the beginning stages of its own #MeToo movement. There will be many more of these types of allegations to come out in the coming months.
Hockey has a culture crisis. The only way to change it is for hockey players, coaches, managers, and organizations to take what is going on seriously and to hold people accountable for their actions. The days of boys will be boys needs to vanish.
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Another Major Junior hockey team is being investigated for past sexual assault allegations

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