Arizona GM details why the Jakob Chychrun trade took so long

Published March 16, 2023 at 3:46

The trading period for this National Hockey League season is over, with a lot of bigger names getting to play in new places, there was one name in Arizona that took 18 months for a deal to finally happen. Yes, I'm talking about Jakob Chychrun.

Arizona Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong joined the Cam & Strick podcast to detail what the process of trading Chychrun was like and why it took longer than it should've, take a look:

we had one team that would trade for him at the draft and he didn't want to go there

Armstrong then goes on to explain that people don't understand what goes into a trade and that Chychrun's injury troubles didn't help matters.

While it's admirable Armstrong wants to do right by his players, Chychrun not wanting to go somewhere when he doesn't have a no trade clause means nothing, you get the best value any way you can. Plain and simple.

If the best trade option was at the draft, you make that trade every time, by not making the trade back then, Arizona backed themselves into a corner. Having to settle with what Ottawa was offering.

It's nice to have a little bit of background, but this is still a major Armstrong blunder in my opinion.
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