Barry Trotz is in high demand, has scheduled another interview for Friday

Published May 18, 2022 at 6:37 PM

It has been reported that Barry Trotz will be interviewing with the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday.

GM Chuck Fletcher is trying to save his own job, so perhaps Trotz is what is in order? The Flyers still owe Alain Vigneault $10 million and in spite of this, Fletcher supposedly has a blank check to hire the next coach and Trotz is the next hot prospect.

It's only telling if he decides to hang up the title and head for a front office gig in Nashville.

Winnipeg has already has interviewed him and it sounds like nothing has changed on either end according to Friedman, but I'm sure fans would love nothing more than having him behind the bench, after Maurice's lackluster time there:

Manitoba's population is approximately 1.39 million. It sounds like each provincial resident is prepared to donate toward Barry Trotz becoming coach of the Jets, and the team was interviewing him on Tuesday.

Lou Lamoriello's decision to let go of a winning coach has really turned this post-season into a possible bidding war for Trotz and who will win? I think he will be wined and dined hardest by the Vegas Golden Knights and Philadelphia Flyers, given both franchise's situations, as lots of new blood is trickling into the rosters and Eichel's season albeit short, could use someone other than DeBoer to unleash his potential.

The Flyers would benefit more in my opinion, as they lack discipline and cohesion as a unit. With Atkinson, Hayes, and Courtier being back soon hopefully could turn the Broad St. Bullies(former) from Zero to Hero, like he transformed the Capitals into cup winners.

Fletcher should spend smartly and not on frivolous contracts like Parise and Suter again and secure the Flyers' future.
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