Bobby Ryan opens up about his embarrassing arrest and his battle with alcoholism

Published September 29, 2022 at 1:52 PM

Bobby Ryan was arrested in July for public intoxication at a Nashville airport. The arrest came after Ryan reportedly walked away from a store with a bag of beef jerky. The arrest caught the eye of many fans and NHLers, who were immediately concerned about Ryan's health as he's openly battled alcoholism.

This week Ryan joined the Wally & Meth show to discuss his recent battles. During his time in Ottawa Ryan was teammates of Marc Methot and he took the time to speak with his friend about his struggles.

When asked how he was doing Ryan provided the following update:

Things are good today. I'm back and I'm doing the things I'm supposed to be doing that I got away from. I didn't mean to wake up on TMZ or ESPN a couple months ago. I'm doing pretty well, but it was couple day thing. A couple day relapse that ended in the worst way possible. It was trying and humiliating, but I just got back to work and recommitted myself.

Ryan has always been willing to be open about his battles, but he also admits he's a isolater by nature. But this time he chose to go public with his battle for accountability purposes. Sharing he had the opportunity to build a very strong network by going public with his struggles.

Throughout the interview Ryan shared that he wants to be more accountable and admitted social media has been a huge part of his recovery. Ryan also went onto admit that multiple former NHLers who battled substance abuse issues were key contributors to his battle.

Ryan also shared that he felt that as part of his battle he'd thought he'd be able to drink once again, but learned the hard way that wasn't something he could do any longer.

If you'd like to listen to the full interview you can view it below.

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Bobby Ryan opens up about his embarrassing arrest and his battle with alcoholism

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