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Brad Marchand gets his own cereal in this awesome announcement

Published March 23, 2022 at 12:43

Brad Marchand is known for a lot of things, but cereal usually isn't one of them. Usually when Marchand turns to Twitter his intentions are to raise a little hell where possible.

But today the Bruins' forward took the time to announce his brand new line of cereal.

I can not be more excited to announce the launch of March Munch cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch has never looked so good! This is a dream come true, growing up I never could have imagined this being a possibility! Available at Shaw's, Star Market and Market Basket.

It sounds like the custom Brad Marchand cereal will be available in certain markets. I think we can all admit we are surprised that Brad isn't endorsing Froot Loops.


This is just more evidence as to why, Brad Marchand is my favourite human in the NHL.
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