Breaking News - Jakob Chychrun reportedly traded to the Los Angeles Kings

Published February 12, 2023 at 4:14 PM

News broke yesterday that the Arizona Coyotes were nearing a trade to move Jakub Chychrun. The Coyotes opted to keep Chychrun out of the lineup making him a healthy scratch for trade reasons. Now less than 24-hours later according to Nick Kypreos the deal is done and sees Chychrun go to the LA Kings.

Sounding like a Jakob Chychrun @LAKings @ArizonaCoyotes trade centered around 2021 8th overall pick Brandt Clarke. #RealKyperandBourne

The Kings were in desperate need for help on their left side and this will sure up their defense for years to come. Clarke the former 8th overall pick is a significant get for the Coyotes as they continue their full rebuild.

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