Breaking News - Major update to staff after Team Canada Sexual Assault investigation

Josh tupper
August 6, 2022  (10:43)

The Canadian government began their investigation into Hockey Canada and their alleged sexual assault coverup over the past month. With multiple members of Hockey Canada's leadership forced to testify, it was believed that major changes were on the way. Until today though many believed those changes may never come.

But this morning the first member of the Board of Directors stepped down.
New: Hockey Canada says Michael Brind'Amour is stepping down as chair of its board of directors, effective immediately.

Hockey Canada said its board "will meet in the coming days to determine next steps and to appoint an interim chair. The next board election is scheduled to occur at the annual meeting in November 2022."

With one member of the Board of Directors stepping down it marks the first time a member of the board has made this decision. After multiple members of the organization have refused to step down, it does appear tangible changes might still be possible.
Over the past week multiple hockey federations have shared their intent to withhold registration fees until changes are made, it is believed this is just the first of many changes.
Brind'Amour issued this statement:
I have listened carefully and intently to the comments of Canadians about the culture of our sport and our organization, and about our actions and leadership. I understand that the actions we have taken in recent weeks are part of the solution. My final term ends in November 2022, and know that there is no need to wait for a new era. Immediate action is essential to address the important challenges facing our organization and our sport, which our Action Plan works to accomplish. would not be able to see this renewal through and have therefore announced my resignation to the Board of Directors.

I am reassured that The Honourable Thomas Cromwell, C.C., has agreed to lead a governance review of our organization that will help us make the changes that are needed. I am confident the recommendations will guide the organization into a future of desired change.

I wish the best of success to those who will succeed me.