Bruins Receive Update On Captain's Playing Future

Published May 31, 2023 at 12:50

It's been roughly a month since the Boston Bruins suffered their surprise playoff exit, big questions still remain with this roster, nothing bigger than the playing future of captain Patrice Bergeron.

According to TSN and Athletic NHL insider Pierre LeBrun, there is still no timeline for a Bergeron decision and the Boston Bruins, as they were last offseason when Bergeron also pondered retirement. The team is fine waiting on the decision.

«I checked into that situation today,» LeBrun said on the most recent edition of TSN Insider Trading, «It's still undecided where that matter is at. Listen, the Bruins are putting zero pressure on their captain. They've got all the time in the world to wait for him to make a decision. Listen, Patrice Bergeron, by the way, and his wife are expecting their fourth child next month – so, there are more important things in their life than hockey. But at some point, he needs to make a decision.»

As LeBrun pointed out, Patrice Bergeron didn't sign his most recent contract, a one-year, $5 million deal with a $2.5M AAV, until August of last summer.

«Last year he didn't sign with the Bruins until August, although he told the team in July that [he] intended to come back. So, that might give you a bit of a timeline. But as someone close to it said to me today, there is no timeline. Everyone is waiting patiently for Patrice Bergeron to decide his future.»

General manager Don Sweeney will be patient but as things get closer to the NHL Draft June 28-29 in Nashville, or by the time unrestricted free agency opens on July 1, Boston will need to have some idea if Bergeron is coming back or not. The Bruins have seven other unrestricted free agents (including veteran center David Krejci), and three restricted free agents (including goalie Jeremy Swayman), to deal with. The Bruins will also need to pay $4.2 million in cap overage from Bergeron's and Krejci's 2022-23 bonuses.

The cap situation will be tight for Boston this offseason and the sooner they have clarity on Bergeron's playing future the better for their offseason plans.
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Bruins Receive Update On Captain's Playing Future

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