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Buffalo Sabres set an NHL record that should embarrass their ownership

Published April 7, 2022 at 8:56 PM

It's been another tough year for the Buffalo Sabres and their fan. The season began under a dark cloud, known as Jack Eichel and was another rollercoaster year.

The Sabres traded their best player to the Las Vegas Golden Knights and that's when things began to turn around. Right now it even seems like they may come out of that trade the winners. Unfortunately as they take part in another rebuild it means they won't be a playoff team this year. After years of success with players like Ryan Miller, Tomas Vanek, Mike Peca it's been years since the Sabres saw the post season.

How many years?

The Sabres have now claimed an NHL record that no team wants and that's going 11 years without making the playoffs. The Sabres were previously tied with the Florida Panthers 2001-2011 and Edmonton Oilers 2007-16 for most consecutive seasons. The Sabres now hold that record, and with the Sabres looking like they still have away to go to be a playoff team, the Sabres playoff drought could unfortunately continue.

Credit:Hockey Feed
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