Canadian hockey player stuck in Ukraine - trying to escape

Published February 27, 2022 at 5:03 PM

Since the Russian invasion started we have heard many stories shared by the Ukrainian people. Today the Globe & Mail shared a story about a Canadian hockey player who is stuck in Ukraine and is struggling to escape.

Eliezer Sherbatov who until the invasion played left-wing for HC Mariupol in the UHL, is a Israeli-Canadian. Thursday morning he said he woke up to a large blast around 5am.

It was close. Everything was fine until this morning. Then, boom!

Sherbatov was born in Rehovot, Israel but grew up in Montreal, Quebec. He played three seasons in the QMJHL before taking his talents overseas to play in some European leagues.

Wondering what to do during this crisis, some of his teammates told him to stay put. Realizing that those players are mostly Russian, he instead chose to try and make his way to Poland.

I am absolutely afraid for my life. This is no joke. I have thought about the choice I made to come here. I am having the ‘should have, could haves.'

I just wanted to play hockey.

I have been writing the Canadian government but I have gotten no answers. I have asked what I should do. ‘Is the embassy open?' ‘Can someone please help me?'

I get no help.

This is just another one of thousands of sad stories impacted by this war. We hope Sherbatov is able to return home safely!
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