Coach fired after reportedly leaking private information to other teams

Published February 3, 2023 at 11:00

The American Hockey League works as a development league for National Hockey League clubs, because of that AHL employees often have access to NHL information. That information is always intended to remain confidential.

Apparently that confidentiality information wasn't received by one AHL Head Coach.

Late last night the Ottawa Senators announced that they had relieved AHL Head Coach Troy Mann of his duties effective immediately.

A change like this is a difficult decision, but we are aligned internally and feel this is necessary for the short and long-term growth of the players in our organization as well as the cohesion in systematic play between Ottawa and Belleville. I want to thank Troy and his family for their contributions to the Belleville community.

The Senators were very vague surrounding their reasoning, but this morning additional information leaked on the situation. According to Claire Hanna of TSN, Troy was terminated for leaking private information to other NHL teams.

Sources saying there were trust issues emerging between the #Sens and Belleville HC Troy Mann. I'm told the straw that broke the camels back was when Mann gave some of the Ottawa Senators pre-scouting material to another NHL team.

To make this situation even more awkward, Troy's younger brother Trent, still works for the Senators as an Assistant General Manager. Leaking information to other teams is a definite reason for termination, and if proven true will likely cost Troy any future career within the industry.

Unfortunately for the Senators, the "Summer of Pierre" seems like a distant memory as more and more disappointment seems to surround the franchise.
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Coach fired after reportedly leaking private information to other teams

Will Troy Mann ever work in the NHL/AHL again if this is true?

No, he'll never work in NHL/AHL again2875.7 %
Yes, he'll get another chance924.3 %
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