Connor McDavid now being represented by same agent as Auston Matthews

Published August 3, 2023 at 10:40

In a surprising news release this morning, the Edmonton Oilers have announced that the team is hiring player agent Jeff Jackson for the role of President of the team.

Notably for the Oilers, prior to this move, Jackson was Connor McDavid's agent. Jackson was a part of the Wasserman group of player agents, also including Judd Muldaver, who will now take over responsibilities as McDavid's agent.

The move to hire McDavid's agent to an executive role in the Oilers could be seen in many ways. It's potentially beneficial to the relationship between the two parties given their familiarity, but the switch to Judd Muldaver could pose some questions. Muldaver also notably represents Auston Matthews, who's taken a much more staunch player-sided stance in his contract negotiations compared to McDavid's team friendly contract.

With McDavid's contract ending in its final three seasons, the Oilers will have to continue to remain competitive and improve the roster around its star players in hopes to entice McDavid into signing another long-term deal in Edmonton.
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