Could Lou Lamoriello have signed a free agent in secret?

Published September 4, 2023 at 1:01 PM

The New York Islanders are finding themselves in a difficult position this offseason. Once again a team relying on defence and goaltending, playing in the extremely competitive metropolitan division, and falling early in the first round last year. Despite that failure, the Islanders are still trying to put together a roster to compete for the Stanley Cup.

With team strengths being defence and goaltending, insiders are beginning to speculate whether the infamously secretive Lou Lamoriello has made some additions to the offence, without making an announcement. Specifically, a potential signing of Thomas Tatar.

With two Islanders veterans in Zach Parise and Cal Clutterbuck seeming unlikely to play this season due to potential retirement and injury respectively, perhaps a signing of Tatar would be a good fit for the Islanders. Tatar brings offensive upside and the ability to score goals, move up and down the lineup, and provide a veteran presence to the team. Despite a 20 goal, 48 point season last year with New Jersey, the 32 year old forward still remains unsigned.

It wouldn't be out of character for Lamoriello to have identified this fit and made the signing without public knowledge. At this point, we'll only know by watching the ice for the opening of Islanders training camp.
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Could Lou Lamoriello have signed a free agent in secret?

Should General Managers be able to hide signings?

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