Details revealed on why Alexandar Georgiev threw a punch at Tony DeAngelo

Published April 14, 2022 at 8:17

Tony DeAngelo left the New York Rangers on bad terms. The disgruntled defenseman demanded a trade away from the team last year after multiple incidents ultimately led to him being sent home after a fight in the Rangers lockerroom.

Details around the event have always been vague, but Arthur Staple of The Athletic has finally shares more details in his recent column.

DeAngelo had an ugly turnover during overtime, then Sidney Crosby beat Alexandar Georgiev with a long-range shot to end it.

In the locker room afterward, Tony DeAngelo cracked into Alexandar Georgiev as he walked by the goalie, "Make a Fucking save."

Georgiev took a swing, the two Rangers were separated, and DeAngelo already on probation for a incident a few weeks prior, was banished. Two People were present for the comment and the fight confirmed the details.

It was that point when the relationship between DeAngelo and the team reached a critical point that neither could come back from. DeAngelo shared his thoughts on the incident:

It was in the past right when it happened. I took the brunt of it, (was) made the poster child for it, but everything worked out for the best. Even not getting traded last year, as much as I would have liked to play, that worked out because I got to come to Carolina. Who knows where I would have ended up if things worked out differently.

Ultimately it sounds like things worked out as best as possible for both parties, but secretly I'm hoping the Rangers and Hurricanes meet in the playoffs to see who gets the last laugh.
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