Don Cherry comments on Jacob Trouba's big hit and it's exactly what you'd expect

Published December 9, 2022 at 12:24

Despite losing his segment Coaches Corner, Don Cherry is still viewed by many as a prominent hockey mind. Many Canadians still care about what the Legendary coach and broadcaster has to say about current NHL events.

Cherry is well known for his brash takes and overall honesty. So when a hit like Trouba's occurs, Cherry always has an opinion on the play.

After Trouba delivered a huge hit to Andreas Athanasiou, Athanasiou was extremely frustrated and shared the following thoughts with Ben Pope:

That guy is known for hitting high, not really worrying about the puck out there and almost trying to hurt people. That's his game; that's what he does. He's an $8 million man with zero goals, so he has to figure out how to do something when making that much. If you can't help the team, I guess you try to hurt guys on the other team.

It was a weird play. The puck was there. He could've made a play on the puck. Instead it's like [he had] an intent to try to hurt somebody. He's been known to do that. You have to know when he's on the ice, and he got me there.

So how did Cherry feel about the hit and the comments? Well he put it perfectly and exactly how you'd expect him to react.

Keep your head up.

For anyone who grew up watching Rock 'Em Sock 'Em tapes, this is advice you already followed.
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Don Cherry comments on Jacob Trouba's big hit and it's exactly what you'd expect

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