Don Cherry opens up to making a mistake on his recent podcast

Published April 10, 2023 at 10:13

Don Cherry is a Canadian legend. The former NHL coach and hockey analyst is still an active member of the hockey community, despite his removal from Hockey Night in Canada. Since his termination Cherry has been active on his own Grapevine Podcast.

Cherry has continued to share his hockey opinions, without the people behind Sportsnet or CBC having a say in how he voices his opinion. Unlike so many others Cherry continues to be the gold standard, even proving so recently after making a major mistake on his podcast. While recording the most recent edition Cherry and co-host Tim were discussing possible Norris Trophy winners.

During the discussion both men brought up Dougie Hamilton as someone who deserves Norris consideration. However, both Don and Tim forgot that Hamilton had moved on from the Carolina Hurricanes and to the New Jersey Devils. Instead of hiding the mistake, Cherry took to his Twitter account to own up to the mistake.

Tim and I screwed up on the podcast today. We said Dougie Hamilton plays for the Canes, and as we all know he plays for the Devils. Oh well. What ever team he plays for he should be in the running for the Norris but not a word about him.

While this doesn't sound like much, it's a stark difference from some of his counterparts. Earlier this week Elliotte Friedman shared that the Maple Leafs were going to have a difficult time signing Matthew Knies, due to the team's salary cap situation...Knies signed less than 24 hours after being eligible to sign with the team. This is just another example of the dishonesty that plagues media nowadays and it's great to see Cherry continue to be an advocate for doing the right thing.
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Don Cherry opens up to making a mistake on his recent podcast

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