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Edmonton Oilers rookie has his first career scrap, but unfortunately gets dropped hard

Published December 31, 2022 at 10:16

The Edmonton Oilers easily took care of the Seattle Kraken 7-2 last night. In the early part of the second period, the game was slipping away for Seattle as it was 4-0. Edmonton's Dylan Holloway got in his first NHL fight in the second period with Seattle defender Vince Dunn. As Holloway was skating in front of the Seattle goalie to provide a screen, he took a cross check in the back from Vince Dunn. The two players continued to battle each other for positioning in front of goalie Martin Jones. Eventually it turned into pushing and shoving and finally both players dropped the gloves.

The fight didn't last long. Holloway attempted a few punched but didn't do any damage. Vince Dunn seemed to land one solid right handed punch that caused Holloway to lose his balance and fall to the ice. Both players appeared to be OK and were given five minute penalties.

Holloway is Edmonton's first round pick in 2020. He has not found the back of the net very often yet but you can't question his compete level on this play. He battled for position, went to the front of the net, and eventually fought Vince Dunn. The Oilers are desperate for good play from anyone besides McDavid or Draisaitl. Now that Holloway has his first fight in the NHL, let see if that can help him gain confidence and make him a more consistent player for the Oilers.
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