Emergency situation, referee's wrist sliced by skate reported significant blood loss

Published April 28, 2022 at 2:53 PM

The United States versus Latvia game has been paused due to a significant injury suffered by a referee. According to those in attendance a referee had his wrist slit by the skate of Logan Cooley. Scott Wheeler detailed the incident on Twitter.

Logan Cooley's skate just slashed an officials hand/wrist here and we have an emergency.

My heart is in my stomach.

The players are being sent to the room.

I am just stunned. Have never had a feeling like that at a hockey game. It happened right in front of me here and I I've never in my life seen blood come like that. Can't shake it. Just praying he's OK.

The video below shows the blood trail from the referee as he attempted to get to the bench.

The official was removed from the arena via stretcher to an awaiting ambulance. There is no update on his condition at this time.
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