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European Country Shuts Down National Hockey Association Amid Massive Loss of Money

Published August 18, 2023 at 5:45 PM

A tough situation for everyone involved. The Norwegian Ice Hockey Federation (NIHF) says it's shutting down virtually all its activities for 2023 after losing $9 million USD last year.

"This will be the case unless something positive happens on the revenue side." NIHF chairman Tage Pettersen

The NIHF says the Norwegian World Junior Team will take part in the annual tournament in December and January. However, all other activities involving Norwegian national ice hockey teams will halt immediately. Five employees of the NIHF have been let go as a cost-saving measure. Norway's national team coach is very concerned.

"It's obviously frustrating. From my point of view, it is worrying that it is not only about the national team, but that it affects all national team activities. We would have liked to avoid this, it is impossible to say right now how it affects Norwegian ice hockey."

"I have started to contact our most established players, there is a great concern that this will apply beyond 2023." - Tobias Johansson.

Mats Rosseli Olsen, who has played for Norway's National Team, calls the whole situation embarrassing.

"It feels surprising that a national team in such a major sport is being suspended. The fact that there will be no national team gatherings in the fall feels strange. As a Norwegian hockey player, it is embarrassing. It was a shocking message for me."

There's no word on exactly what happened to the money or whether anything illegal took place. The NIHF was founded in 1934, and joined the International Ice Hockey Federation in 1935.

Source: Aftonbladet.se/Sportbladet
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European Country Shuts Down National Hockey Association Amid Massive Loss of Money

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