Former Defenceman Gives His Opinion On Former Head Coach

Matt Garland
September 14, 2023  (9:32)

Yesterday the crew from Spittin' Chiclets Podcast brought forward an acquisition against Columbus Blue Jackets' coach Mike Babcock. According to Paul Bissonnette, Babcock had forced players to show him the photos on their phone in an attempt to get to know the players. The NHLPA is currently investigating these allegations.

Responses came in from Mike Babcock, captain Boone Jenner and Johnny Gaudreau who refuted the acquisitions.
Former Leaf and current TSN personality Frank Corrado took the opportunity to toss a dig Babcock's way. Corrado posted a series of photos with the caption
"If Babs went through my phone when I played for the Leafs..." The photos included two of him holding a giant bag of popcorn and his photo on a milk carton with the caption "Missing" referencing him constantly being a healthy scratch under Babcock when he played for the Leafs."

Corrado was on TSN1050's First Up radio show, commenting on his own personal experience having Babcock as his head coach:
"If Paul Bissonnette is going public with something like that I have every reason to believe he got it from a credible source, he's not gunna torpedo his show and his reputation. The guy's on major television platforms in the US. He's not gonna sewer himself in that regard. And when you see that statement from Boone Jenner and Babcock, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle... If you're asking me what I think, I'll go back to my experiences with the guy and I don't think he handles himself well," commented Corrado.

I think he's socially awkward. I don't think he cares about your family – I know for a fact he doesn't care about your family. All he cares about is himself. I've read this three-part puff piece that came out on Babs recently, and my stomach turned reading this thing because he's talking about how he's got communication plans for every player. No he doesn't. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. It's not my place to comment on what I think may or may not have happened... my experience with him, doesn't care about anyone other than himself and that's how he's gonna operate every day, even in Columbus."

Following Corrado's rant about Babcock, co-host Aaron Korolnek interjected that Babcock is "old school" which led to Corrado jumping in and explaining the difference between being an "old school" coach and Babcock.
"I just wanna jump in on the old-school practices... I played for Tortorella, Tortorella is old school. He gets in your face...He tells it to you direct and blunt and you may not like it. My issues, and a lot of peoples issues, with the way Babs does things is he doesn't do that. He doesn't get in your face, doesn't tell you direct and blunt and straightforward. He plays these stupid head games around you and that's what frustrates players...what he does, he dances around it and it messes with your head."

Corrado spent two seasons with the Leafs under Babcock from 2015-2017 but only managed to get in 41 games.
Former Defenceman Gives His Opinion On Former Head Coach

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