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Former Minnesota Wild prospect saves a 6-year-olds life

Published May 20, 2022 at 11:07

Kris Foucault was selected by the Minnesota Wild 103rd overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Foucault only ever ended up playing 1 NHL game, which for many would be the biggest moment of their life. But now Kris has an even larger accomplishment to celebrate.

While on a trip to the Bahamas, Kris was faced with the most difficult task of his life. As days often due in Nassau, the sunny day quickly turned to a dark sky. The somewhat calm ocean was replaced by strong saves and strong rip current. That rip current caught hold of a 6-year-old girl. Without hesitation Foucault, an experienced swimmer put his life on the line for another human being.

Foucault who had been having lunch with his family, heard screams for help coming from the beach and he immediately jumped into action.

As Foucault made his way to the beach he asked his mother-in-law if what he saw in the water was "a shark or a body". His mother-in-law replied, "it's a little girl."

Foucault dropped everything on his hands, sprinted towards the beach and without hesitation dove into the ocean.

As I got through the wave, I saw her lifeless body floating on the top about 50 feet in front of me> I actually thought I was just recovering a body.

When Foucault reached the girl her lips were blue and she was non-responsive. Foucault lifted the girl up, on his surgically repaired shoulder when another man finally reached them. Foucault and the man we're able to prop the girl up out of the water and swam her successfully back to shore.

At the shore a lifeguard assisted with performing CPR and they were able to fully resuscitate the young girl. The girl was taken to hospital and Kris hasn't heard an update. But Kris doesn't need an update or a thank you, because he did everything possible in that moment to save a young life.
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