Former Olympian thinks all Russian NHL players should be suspended

Published February 26, 2022 at 2:37 PM

Bruce Kidd who is a former Olympic middle-distance runner from the 1964 Olympics, thinks the government should suspend all Russian players Visas.

In an article by Rick Westhead on TSN (link at the bottom), Kidd stated:

«Sport means a lot to [Vladimir] Putin and to Russia for their international legitimacy,» Kidd said. «They use sports to show how powerful and successful they are in the world. By denying visas to athletes like junior hockey players and professionals who want to hone their skills in Canada, we're saying, ‘The actions of your state are so offensive and beyond the realm of civilized conduct.'» Kidd suggested Canada should also reject future visas to Russians in other occupations, including academia, research, music and entertainment.

Full TSN Article - Click here

This morning also saw an NHL legend speak out on the matter as well. Dominik Hasek also thinks that all the Russian players in the NHL should be suspended IMMEDIATELY.

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