Former player reveals proof that Mike Babcock is the biggest pr*** in NHL History

Josh tupper
August 6, 2022  (4:53 PM)

Mike Babcock has a reputation around the league for not just being one of the most stubborn coaches in the league. He's also known for being one of the biggest pricks as well. During his last coaching stint alone he chose to healthy scratch Jason Spezza for his first game on a Maple Leafs uniform, in favour of Nick Shore.

Babcock also forced a rookie Mitch Marner to write a list of who he felt were the hardest workers and who didn't work nearly as hard. Babcock immediately took that list and unveiled it in front of the entire team. These two moves are far from Babcock's worst.
Mike Modano signed with the Detroit Red Wings to chase a second career Cup. He did so with Mike Babcock as his Head Coach. Mike Modano ultimately finished his NHL career with 1,499 games played. 1,499 career games on its own is an impressive feat, but that number should have been 1,500.
So why did Modano end up 1 game short? Well that's because Mike Babcock chose to healthy scratch him for a game down the stretch. Mike Modano joined the Cam & Strick Podcast to share exactly what happened between him and Mike Babcock.
So I mean it could have been a far bigger number, but it just happened to come down to one of those last couple games that I, you know, I got healthy scratched. So I would have missed, you know, I would have hit that 1,500 right on the nose.

Our last game in Chicago, but I got healthy scratched a couple games before against Minnesota, at home in Detroit. So ended up with that 1,499, just it was a bitter pill. It's still for this point, it would have been nice to finish at some type of high note after that season, I went through in Detroit so it's yeah, it's a tough one.

Some of the veteran guys, and they weren't they, like, we're gonna go up there and talk to them. We need him. Yeah, Drapes was, you know, it was really kind of last second.

No one really knew until you know, you know they got to the game and you know saw what was happening and then you know kind of word kind of spread to the locker room, "like oh you know he would have got 1,500 the next game", you know whatever. So, you know, Nick was, Nick was a little upset.

Kenny Holland didn't know about it, actually until he got to the game. Kenny Holland says it to this day, he probably would have stepped in and told Mike, "you know, we need to have him get to this this milestone."

So yeah, I mean the older guys were frustrated and I think some of them were already frustrated with Mike at the time way before that.

So not only did Babcock prevent Modano from hitting that milestone, he did so in a way that prevented anyone from possibly stepping in and stopping him from doing so. Just further proving, how awful Babcock truly is.
Former player reveals proof that Mike Babcock is the biggest pr*** in NHL History

Will Mike Babcock coach again in the NHL?

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