Former referee rips into Leah Hextall for disrespecting Wayne Simmonds during interview

Published April 22, 2022 at 4:14 PM

Wayne Simmonds and Patrick Maroon have played one and other many times, but the two had never dropped the gloves until last night. The fight came after the two men had exchanged words consistently for the past two games. At the end of the first period Wayne Simmonds was interviewed by Leah Hextall, who wasn't aware of the two players history, but Simmonds was quick to set her straight.

Hextall: I was privy to your conversation in between the benches with Pat Maroon. I know you guys have a history and have dropped the mitts before. He called you soft. My question is are you?

Simmonds: You should ask him. We've never dropped the gloves. He's never obliged me before.

Hextall asking Simmonds if he was soft caught the attention of many people, but notably former NHL referee Tim Peel, who took to Twitter to rip the analyst.

I will take a lot of heat for this but I am a big boy. Leah Hextall doesn't even know they have not fought before. Asking Wayne Simmons's if he is soft might be one of the most ridiculous questions I have ever heard. Do your homework.

Hextall issued the following response:

Tim, the fact was told to me in the moment by our team who is almost always right! As a retired official, you should understand mistakes can be made. No issue with you not liking the question - your opinion. I do take exception to you questioning my preparation & work ethic.

I've interviewed Wayne many times. I know he isn't soft - he knows he isn't soft - we're creating a narrative which played into the game and having some wait for it FUN!

When Peel tried to respond he quickly learned that Hextall had blocked him to avoid any further confrontation.

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Former referee rips into Leah Hextall for disrespecting Wayne Simmonds during interview

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