Friedman Giving Up Size In Scrap With Jeannot

Published October 20, 2023 at 9:58

The Tampa Bay Lightning are hosting the Vancouver Canucks tonight in what has turned out to be a very physical affair with 27 hits between the two through two periods.

With the score 2-1 Canucks in the second period, Lightning winger Tanner Jeannot crashed the front of the net looking for a rebound leading to a scrum in front of the goal. Canucks defenceman Mark Friedman and Jeannot end up dropping the gloves.

The 6'2 220lb Jeannot landed a nice uppercut on the 5'11 185 lb Friedman to start things off, rag dolling the smaller man. Jeannot ended it with a shot to the back of the Friedman's head causing him to collapse to the ice.

Jeannot feeding Friedman his lunch in the fight has energized Tampa. The Lightning bounced back to score two goals before the close of the second period.

The score is currently 3-2 Lightning as the third period begins.
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Friedman Giving Up Size In Scrap With Jeannot

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Vancouver Canucks815.1 %
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