Gary Bettman promises multiple important events to an American city after they sign a new lease

Published August 15, 2023 at 12:25

When it comes to special events Gary Bettman has his favourite locations that he likes to support. That's why the Chicago Blackhawks are so often featured in NHL outdoor games. Today however, Bettman has made the choice to promise another market multiple special events.

Today the Carolina Hurricanes announced that they have officially signed a brand new lease with the City of Raleigh for the next 20-years. This deal includes a significant investment of nearly $300,000,000 to help grow the area.

OFFICIAL! The #Canes have a new 20-year lease extension at PNC Arena, keeping the team at the venue through the 2043-44 season.

The building will undergo major renovations as a part of the agreement, including the development of a vibrant sports and entertainment district.

The deal includes a combined $300M investment from the City of Raleigh and Wake County. Gale Force will enter into a ground lease to develop the land around PNC Arena.

Gale Force will commit a minimum of $200M within five years, $400M within 10 years, and $800M within 20 years.

With this significant investment, Gary Bettman has made a promise to the Hurricanes that they will receive multiple events following the completion of the investment process.

As a part of the #Canes new lease deal, the NHL has committed to bringing another All-Star Game to Raleigh within three years of the renovation being complete.

Additionally, the team will host another Stadium Series Game within five years of completion.

The Hurricanes previously held the All-Star Game in 2011, so it hasn't even been 15 years since their last event. The promise of this event continues to leave teams like the Seattle Kraken without a history of holding these events, once again proving growing the game doesn't matter and that it's money that makes the world go around in Gary Bettman's NHL.
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Gary Bettman promises multiple important events to an American city after they sign a new lease

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