Goalies gone wild - Darcy Kuemper two hands Tyler Toffoli after he catches an elbow

Published December 4, 2022 at 6:58 PM

During the Calgary Flames 5-2 victory over the Washington Capitals there was an incident between Tyler Toffoli and Darcy Kuemper. First Toffoli s elbow caught Kuemper right in the head. Toffoli then was standing in front of the net looking for a loose puck and he carelessly hacked Darcy Kuemper with his stick. Play continued on and Kuemper decided to retaliate. Kuemper grab his goal stick with both hands and slashed Toffoli in the left leg causing him to drop to the ice. The referees missed the play and no penalty was called as play resumed. Check out the replay on the video below.

Unfortunately Kuemper did not finish the game shortly after. Washington goalie Charlie Lindgren played in the third period. NHL Insider Elliott Friedman stated that Kuemper might have been taken out for concussion protocol. Either way, Toffoli got away without being penalized.

Oftentimes when someone goes after a goalie a team is quick to respond. The play continued in Washington's zone, so in this case that didn't happen. Clearly Kuemper was not happy with Toffoli's play in front of him and he let him have it. Let's hope Kuemper did not suffer a concussion and is able to be back in net for Washington's next game.

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