Hagel calls out PK Subban for dangerous trip

Published February 26, 2022 at 10:38

This season, PK Subban has continued to develop a reputation around the league as one of the dirtiest and most dangerous players. This year already be, he has been fined for multiple slew foots and it has become more difficult to defend the former Norris Trophy winning defenceman.

At the end of the game between the New Jersey Devils and the Chicago Blackhawks, Brandon Hagel was on a breakaway towards an empty net to seal the game when PK Subban made a dangerous play and tripped up Hagel with his stick sending him crashing into the net, causing a scrum to erupt.

After the game Brandon Hagel gave multiple thoughts on Subban's dirty play.

"I have a clear-cut breakaway. Like, what are you going to do? It's a dirty play. He can do what he wants but it's not going to get you very liked around the league."

"There's a reason, the guy slew-foots everybody, gets those fines. ... Just a dirty play."

Safe to say Brandon Hagel and the Chicago Blackhawks are not fans of PK Subban or his actions. But that probably goes for more than half the league at this point.

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