Head Coach gets ejected and absolutely melts down because of it

Published February 13, 2023 at 10:08

The ECHL is a wild league. Fans affectionately have it nicknamed as "The Jungle» and the scenes below explain why the league has rightfully earned the name.

The third-highest level of professional hockey in North America - after the AHL and NHL - the Coast is usually where a host of enforcers end up playing at some point in their careers. As such, PIMs tend to dominate the scoresheet.

During the third period of Saturday's contest between the Allen Americans and the Fort Wayne Komets, a melee ensued after the whistle blew. American's forward Mikael Robidoux cross checked the Komets player causing multiple players to get involved. There were 30 PIMs assessed just on this play alone.136 penalty minutes totalled for the game.

Americans head coach Chad Costello was ejected from the game after a third period dust-up, and he made his exit felt as he chucked his jacket at the linesman.

The Americans took a whooping in this one 6-1 with their frustration boiling all night. It finally exploded when head coach Costello went berserk on the ref. I am sure this will earn Costello some unpaid time off.
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Head Coach gets ejected and absolutely melts down because of it

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