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Hot mic catches Tim Stutzle getting called a f***ing p****

Published April 19, 2022 at 12:32

Tim Stutzle has been under a magnifying glass since Brendan Gallagher finally called out the Senators youngster for his diving and embellishment. Stutzle has displayed on multiple occasions this season that he's not afraid to embellish to get a call. Many expected Stutzle to change his behavior post call-out, but that hasn't been the case.

After drawing an embarrassing interference penalty on Saturday night, Stutzle was back to his old tricks last night. On a play behind the net Stutzle appears to shoot his head back as Yanni Gourde's stick comes up.

Unlike other incidents Stutzle does not draw the referee's arm to raise on this play and Gourde let's him know just what he thinks of him.

Fucking Stutzle, you fucking pussy, dive again!

It appears Stutzle's reputation has already joined him on the West Coast and even against a team the Senators rarely see like the Kraken.
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Hot mic catches Tim Stutzle getting called a f***ing p****

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